Thursday, November 7, 2013

New on the Fame Throne!


Introducing Zedd, the new DJ that has captured the ears of music fans everywhere! Zedd (birthname: Anton Zaslavski), from Moscow Russia has been producing and creating DJ, electro and techno music since his early teens. Now at 24, Zedd has produced two albums; Clarity, and Autonomy EP. His newly released single, Stay the Night ft. Haley Williams from the acclaimed band Paramore, has landed top 5 on the charts. You will not only get lost in the music but also his icy blue eyes! If you haven't downloaded Stay the Night onto your phone or ipod, I strongly suggest you do! If you do, it will be stuck on replay for hours!


Managing Editor
Zedd and his captivating eyes! <3

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Catching Fire Buzz!

The new "it" thing is out. It's taking the breath away from Hunger Games fans across the world. The sequel to the Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins captured the hearts of teens, and adult book lovers. The story behind the eye popping makeup and set effects and eye crossing stunts is a far from a similar story.

Katniss Everdeen and her partner, Peeta Mellark become personal targets for the capitol and starts a rebellion in Panem. Premieres on Friday November, 22. I'm going to see it with Gabby, come back for ratings and comments about the movie.


Big Bold Printed Scarves

Friday, September 13, 2013

Hottest Tends!

Hey Guys! It's Gretchen here!

We are gonna talk fashion:

Here is the hottest new trends

Heart Shaped Sunglasses
Collared Shirts
Chunky Necklaces
Metallic Combat Boots
Mint Colored Vans
Printed Skinny Jeans
Marvel Comic Superhero Tees
Muscle Tees
Printed Sweatshirts

Tip: An easy way to spice up an outfit is to LAYER!!!!
If you have a simple collared sleeveless shirt you can put on a
sweatshirt overtop of it and poke the collar out. It is a clean touch to a comfy look!

Hot Hair Trends:

French Twist (super easy and cute)
Side Braid
German Braid
Saddle Back Pony (put your hair half up and rake it back into a high pony)

Cute Accessories:

Metallic Headbands
Pastel Colored Bangles
Big Bold Word Rings
Ear Cuffs
Pearl Earrings
Rhinestone Earrings

Hot Makeup:

Earthy Look (bronzer, light pink blush, nude peach (check out Smashbox's new shade!)
Bright Red Lipstick
Winged Liner
Bright Pink Lipstick
Champange colored Eyeshadow
Neon Liner
Big Eyes Maybelline Mascara



Wednesday, August 21, 2013

BTS (back to school)

Okay, I found a new store! It is called Heavenly Couture. Amazing clothes, bags, jewelry and prices! Everything is $16 or less. Budget Plan? Score! Here are some tips for the night before school starts:

Get a good nights rest

Look over your schedule and school map

Pick out an uber hot outfit

Charge your phone

Take a soothing bath or shower

Do some easy yoga stretches to wind down before bed

Watch an episode of your favorite show to calm down and have a good laugh

Read over your yearbook and refresh your summer memory of people's names

During school make sure you get involved in clubs and sports to meet people and make friends. I joined the drama club and have made so many wonderfully talented people!

My #1 tip:

Talk to people.
If they are rude they are not worth it!

<3, Gretchen  CLICK THE LINK! >>>>>>>> Heavenly Couture<<<<<<<<<<<<

Friday, July 19, 2013

A'Gaci Hot New Store!

Check out this hot new store! With hot clothes and crazy cool deals! Back to school shopping- DONE!

Click the Link!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

                                        !!TREND ALERT!

                   Check out this new, trending design!!

 Get these here-->ClickMeForGalaxyLeggings

 Get these here-->ClickMeForGalaxyVans


Bye Loves, Brielle!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hey ya'll  it's Gretchen, I am on the road to Maine and I finally got a Wi-Fi hotspot!
While I am up here, make sure to do some smart online shopping and whip through the clearance
racks! Keds in neon colors with subtle solid colored clothes make a great bright pop of color to
your summer-y look!
Have fun!


Gretchen D.
Senior Editor and Manager

Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Outift for Less!

Amazing Deals at Target !

I just bought some amazing clothes at Target today!

First was a sheer shirt that had bunnies on it, it was collared with raspberry
colored dots on it. Found it in clearance! $9.98

Black Cami- $5.00

Red "keds"-  $14.99

Here's a closer look!

2013-06-13 13.38.54.jpg

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

 Hey y'all! This is Gretchen's best friend, Brielle. We are gonna collab on this blog! Now on too the good stuff!

Store of the Week: BrandyMelville 
I picked BrandyMelville as store of the week because they have the cutest high wasted skirts and shorts. I also absolutely love the shirts that say 'i love you to the moon and back'. 

Trend of the Week: Nails painted solid, with the ring finger glamorous!

Deals of the Day: American Eagle Outfitters, 50% of all clearance.
                                                              Bye Loveess, Brielle

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A long necklace with a big pendant and feather make a bold boho statement!

BeachyBags&CrazyCharms Weekly Post

Hot New Trends:
Circle Skirts
Aviators- Ray Bans
Colored Denim Jackets
Watercolor Dresses
Tribal Shorts
Floral Totes
Colored Converse

Hot Deals!:
Aeropostale: Floral Tote bag $9.99
                      Crocheted Bandeau Top $7.99
                      Yellow Converse $38.99


Welcome to Gretchen's Fashion and Hot Trends Blog. I will hopefully get my first post up later today!

Welcome to BeachyBags&CrazyCharms