Wednesday, August 21, 2013

BTS (back to school)

Okay, I found a new store! It is called Heavenly Couture. Amazing clothes, bags, jewelry and prices! Everything is $16 or less. Budget Plan? Score! Here are some tips for the night before school starts:

Get a good nights rest

Look over your schedule and school map

Pick out an uber hot outfit

Charge your phone

Take a soothing bath or shower

Do some easy yoga stretches to wind down before bed

Watch an episode of your favorite show to calm down and have a good laugh

Read over your yearbook and refresh your summer memory of people's names

During school make sure you get involved in clubs and sports to meet people and make friends. I joined the drama club and have made so many wonderfully talented people!

My #1 tip:

Talk to people.
If they are rude they are not worth it!

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