Friday, July 4, 2014

"Beyond the Sky" Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Caitlin stepped cautiously off of the bus. She narrowed her eyes and searched for her mom at the bus stop, but there was no sign of her. With a heavy sigh, Caitlin shuffled through the crowd and sat on the nearest bench, she took off her hot pink Jansport backpack and put it between her legs. She had listened to playlist at least 20 times, but decided to take out her Beats headphones and listen again, that's when a person took a seat next to her on the bench. "Parents forget about you?" the person next to her asked. She looked up and noticed that it was the guy who had set next to her on the bus, the one with the paints and canvas. "They always do," she admitted, looking at him. "Yeah," he said understandingly creating a pause of awkward silence.
"Are you entering in an art show?" Caitlin asked, directing her eyes to the canvas and paint set that laid on his lap. "No, I like to carry this around if I see inspiration." he stated, looking down at the paint set. "Where do you get your inspiration from?" Caitlin asked, intrigued. "From a stain on a sidewalk, a tarnished penny, or a piece of shredded tire lying on the side of a road, they all tell a story. Like, the tarnished penny could have been put in a cup for a broke musician, or, what places did that tire go?" he answered. Caitlin nodded her head, not saying anything. Caitlin turned back to her phone, sensing that the conversation was over. After three Touché Amore songs, she turned back to him but he had left.

The guys name is Nathaniel (according to his paint set) his name will be used later in the book.

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