Monday, July 7, 2014

"Beyond the Sky" Chapter 3

Chapter 4

    I had been waiting for an hour when my mom showed up. She still had the same beat up red Volkswagen Beetle, barely enough for three. Yet, she greeted me with a happy smile as if waiting for an hour in an inner city bus stop was nothing. "How are you Caitlin?" she asked as I threw my backpack in the back seat. "I'm fine, except you left me waiting for an hour." I mumbled buckling into the passenger seat. "Oh, I had to drop off Lindsay." she stated bringing her hand to her forehead in the darn-I-forgot way. "Who's Lindsay? Why are you dropping her off?" I asked. This was the moment, where in the movies, the estranged parent tells the biggest secret.
      I had mentally prepared for anything, since I hadn't seen her in 3 months. "Well... Caitlin. Do you remember Casper?" she asked, not breaking her concentration from the road. "Yeah....." I trailed off, I knew what was coming. "Well, we are getting married." she exclaimed a big toothy grin stretched across her face. "Mom, we haven't seen him in like five years." I said dumbfounded. "Well his office moved back to San Francisco and I was offered a job there. We met and went on a date, and now we are getting hitched!" she said, over the top excitedly. "Okay...... but what does Lindsay have to do with this?" I asked. "That's his daughter. She's 16, your age. She is as sweet as a bell pepper, and a smart cookie! She loves to do cheer and volleyball." my mom replied brushing her grown out bangs to the side. "Sounds like a little miss goody two shoes," I snapped looking down at my shoes. "Well maybe, but she's so sweet! Casper had tickets to an art show so they went. So its just you and me girly!" she said, turning down onto Windham Meadows Court.
    "Where are we?!" I asked, looking around at the extremely well groomed neighborhood. There were huge brick houses with cathedral front porches, with Mercedes and Cadillac's in the driveway. Immaculately trimmed and mowed lawns with perfectly landscaped gardens and flower beds lined the road for curb appeal. "This is where I live now, with Casper" she said happily as she rolled smoothly over the fresh black pavement. I pushed myself down into the seat so my eye level met the top of the dashboard. Something seriously didn't seem right here, maybe waiting at the bus stop wasn't so bad after all.

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