Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth of July Style

Happy Independence Day! May I just say that reading that I got 412 page views made my day! To give you a little break from my story I'm writing "Beyond the Sky" I decided to give you all advice, makeup tips, outfits and hair ideas for Fourth of July Barbeques! I'm going to my Aunt's house for a barbeque, and we are going up to the mountain to watch fireworks.
    ~Makeup Ideas~
  • Line the top of your lids with white eyeliner. Finish with blue mascara and bold red lips!
  • Do your regular eyeliner and buy red, white, and blue eyeliner to make little stars at the corners of your eyes! Finish off with red lipstick
  • Go all natural with your makeup, make your eyebrows bold and beautiful (Think Cara Delevenge) finish off with red lipstick *I'm would recommend doing this for a family barbeque*
   ~Outfit Ideas~
  • Blue sleeveless shirt (button down) tuck into a lace skater skirt (pull all the way up to your belly button, so its a high waisted skirt) complete with cowboy boots!
  •  Red T-shirt (DIY into a cute muscle tee!) finish off with high waisted shorts and white Vans!
  • DIY a white t-shirt into a muscle tee with deep sleeves, put on a red or blue bandeau, finish off with high waisted shorts and cowboy boots!
  ~Hair Ideas~
  • Make a cute fishtail braid and finish off with red ribbon!
  • Do a Saddle Back ponytail (put it half up tie, then pull it into a low pony) and finish with red, white and blue ribbon
  • Make a red white and blue cheer ribbon bow!
  • Do a Bubble Ponytail with red white and blue hair ties
  • Heart shaped American flag printed sunglasses *I have these super cute for summer!*
  • American flag earrings
  • Plastic red, white and blue necklaces
  • Mini Flag *to wave around*

Happy Fourth of July!


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