Thursday, July 3, 2014

What do to in the Car on a Roadtrip

Oh my..... you've been in the car for three hours. You've listened to every song on your playlist at least 10 times, you've read your magazines cover to cover at least three times. What do you do now? Well... here are some cool ideas:

Take out your computer and sign up for We Heart It. You can discover the funniest and coolest photography, and upload your own! Just enter your email address and start adding pictures to your collections and canvases. Its a great waste of time!

Make a Pic Flow slideshow! Download the app, Pic Flow (free for App Store and Google Play) and take pictures of cool things you see out your window! (A cool sign, cool market, cool car) and make a slide show dedicated to a state or your whole road trip. You can upload them to social media!

Have a Glow stick Party! Set up a blanket in a corner so when you go under, it's completely dark. Download the app Glow Stick or Glow In the Dark and have a mini DJ party. "Bang Bang" ft. Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and Jessie J, hits iTunes July 23. Be prepared for upbeat and heavy bass to jam out to!

Google image search "Celebrities without Teeth or Eyebrows" it will have you laughing for hours!

Go onto ifunny!

*Those are my tips and things I do to keep from being bored*


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